How to change WordPress from a blog to a website.

Most people who try out WordPress for the first time end up thinking it’s only for blogs because they don’t know how to change it from a blog feed to a normal looking website.

Turning it from a “blog” to a “website” doesn’t mean you can’t have a blog on the website. You can always go back and add that later as it’s own page or a part of another page.


From the WordPress dashboard click “settings” on the left-hand side of menu items.

screenshot of wordpress dashboard


In the sub-menu that pops up when you hover over the settings button click “reading.”

screenshot of settings menu


Toggle the button from “latest blog posts” to “a static page” and make sure you have the page selected from the drop-down menu with the page that you would like to display as the home page. You can assign the blog post page but if you do not plan to have a blog on the site this will not change anything for you.


Press “save changes” and go check the home page of your website. From here you should see a normal looking website.

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